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In the olden days, editing a video was tedious, time-consuming and quite a burden. This was due to the immense complications related to the task. Lucky for you, times have changed drastically. Any average Joe with a mobile phone can now do what once needed epic skills and bulky computer setups. That’s right, with the help of VivaVideo for PC anyone with a moderate mobile phone or laptop can make and edit videos on the go. Over the next few paragraphs, I’ll affiliate you with what VivaVidoe is and how to Download VivaVideo For PC.

What is VivaVideo?VivaVideo_For_PC

That is a great question. VivaVideo is one of the top-selling video making and editing applications on the market. It boasts many vital features and has an easily understandable and usable interface. The basic version of the app is free. However, there is a paid version for professionals. The difference between the two is the addition of more accurate functions and professional tools.

Personally, the free version was good enough to handle my light workload but if your world load is heavier, I would recommend getting the paid version. With the pro version, you can export HD720p videos, use special effects and have unlimited video lengths. The Pro version allows removing the annoying watermark and advertisements for a more professional and immersive experience.

How To Download VivaVideo For PC and Mac?

VivaVidoe was initially launched as an android and ios compatible software. However, over the years, enthusiasts have found loopholes and have successfully downloaded the application for PC. Follow these simple steps to download VivaVideo for your PC.

  1. Download an android emulator. I would recommend Bluestacks due to its power.
  2. Install Bluestacks by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Search for Vivavideo or your desired application.
  4. Click on your desired application (vivavideo) and click ” install”.
  5. Sit back and relaxes as the emulator downloads and installs the application for you.

After you’re done with the installation process, the app icon will appear on your emulators’ homepage. Click it and wait for your application to run.

How to use Vivavideo?VivaVideo_For_PC2

That is another great question. VivaVideo was made with less tech-savvy users in mind. From this, we find that the layout and inner working of the application are fairly easy to use and understand. You’ll have your standard “take a video” and “choose the video from gallery” options. After you’ve loaded your preferred video to edit, marvel at the vast options available to you. The layout is extremely simple and straightforward. All the options and accessibility features are neatly arranged around your workspace.

If you decide to pony up some extra $$$, you can purchase the PRO model. Now, this is a whole different ball game. You’ll have access to much-needed features such as unlimited video lengths and being able to remove the annoying watermark. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to export in HD720p but, let’s be honest. That’s not much to appreciate in this day and age.

Review of VivaVideo

Overall, like most of the other 12 million people to rate this application, I give it 5 stars. However, the few restrictions in the free version are enough to drive a person crazy. This is a great marketing strategy. Let’s face it, it’s an amazing application and for only $2.99 a month, its a great deal. Unfortunately, for short-tempered users like me, even those few restrictions are enough to make one delete the app.

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