Watch Whatever You Want, With Startimes One For PC, Windows 10, And Mac

Yes, you are on the right platform, if you’re looking for an advanced entertaining app. With the help of this blog, you can install Startimes one for PC, Windows 10, And Mac. It is an origin of African service application that lets you connect with every medium of entertainment you want. You can watch live TV from your smartphones and PCs as well with just one tap. StarTimes One – Live Football, TV, Movie & Drama app is the all in one package for everyone, and due to this reason, it has over 20 million-plus users worldwide. Moreover, Tubi is also a good choice for you as it is also a good live streaming entertaining application available free for you.

Furthermore, the best app is known as Startimes One for windows 10 and pc has not only entertainment features but there are also some effective yet efficient features waiting for you. As you can watch the daily news and updates with this app and thousands of local or international series with just a single click. Get updated about every football match and much more with StarTimes One.

Have A Look At Some Features Of StarTimes One For Laptop, PC, And Desktop

startime one for pc

Enjoy Live Tv From Anywhere, Anytime

How many channels do you watch on your TV? 80? Or 100 is enough, right? But Startimes one offers you to watch 150 plus channels, so you can watch every of your favorite channel for free. It’s time to install the application and say goodbye to the TV cable that charges some money and say hello to the all-new modern startime live TV for free.

Watch Live Football

One of the best offerings of StarTimes is live football. And football is the passion of youngsters and they always wanted to know about the current matches and world cups. With the startimes one for mac and PC, you can easily get to know about the live scores, football news, results, replays, video highlights, and fixtures. So are you excited to stream football matches from anywhere, anytime? If yes, then download the app and enjoy.


So dramas are the most exciting and emotional medium of entertainment for ladies and men also. Now, from onwards watch your favorite dramas without buffering and feel the story. From telenovela to Bollywood, and Chinese to locals, there are the best dramas available for you. Besides this, you can also watch the best TV shows and learn something effective and healthy. Moreover, if we are talking about a healthy lifestyle, you must have a look at  Detoxify app for PC and make yourself healthier and fit.

Exciting Movies

Watch more than 1000 high-quality movies with the one and only Startimes One app. Here you are free to enjoy kungfu movies, blockbusters, Bollywood, and bongo movies without paying any single penny for it. Furthermore, star times on the entertaining app covers all the romantic and comedy movies also, so watch everything with your loved ones. Not only this, you can also stream horror and sci-fi movies with just a single click.

Live News

News plays an important role in every aspect of an individual life. But the thing is, being a good citizen of our country, we want to know about our country’s news as well as international news. And for sure with the advanced features of Startimes one for pc and laptop, you can be updated with local and international news very effectively. All the famous news channels are available on live TVs such as BBC, FOX NEWS, SKY NEWS France 24, KTN News, and Al Jazeera news as well. It’s time to jump on your favorite news channel and get updated about and everything while doing work on your PC or laptop.

Surprise For Kids

There is a surprise for kids in StarTimes one app, as this is a family-oriented application for everyone. Kids are the future and youth of our beloved country so their upbringing should be perfect and proper in an effective manner. Due to this important reason, Startimes One offers a great free online education channel for all ages children. And absolutely, cartoon channels are also for entertaining them and makes their day. Startimes one app is interlinked with the ministry of education that guides about the important aspects of learning and education. So what are you waiting for? Go and make your children educated in a fun way with online learning.

Add To Favorite List

Add your favorite content on the favorite list and enjoy it later or offline. You can easily save and share everything with your loved ones and family with just one tap. Start enjoying the world’s entertainment with startime on app online for pc and mac. Moreover, you can also manage all your tasks and duties in an effective way with fantastical for PC.

Free TV Guides

We live in a busy era, where we have to complete a lot of duties and tasks in a single day. And for this reason, we forget to watch our favorite drama. But let startime one for windows 10 and desktop remove this problem as with the free 400 plus guide, you can set a reminder about your favorite tv show or drama and watch it very effectively.

Proper Control

StarTimes One online is the only application that allows you parental control. As sometimes, we don’t want to share specific content with the kids or children. And you can do it easily with this awesome family-friendly app called StarTime one for mac and computer. Restrict the content to show the entertainment to your children that is truly helpful and effective.

Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator To Install Startime On For Windows 10, PC, And Mac

To download the Android or iOS apps into the PC or any other device, we need an android emulator, that works for download and installs the apps easily.

startime one for pc

Download the android emulator called BlueStacks from this link.

Now, Install The Emulator From The Below Steps

  • After the successful download, Pick up the downloaded file from the browser you have.

startime one for pc

  • Allow the software to make changes on your device and wait for a while as it may take some time, depending upon your internet speed.

startime one for pc

  • The emulator launched on the home screen, navigate it, with the Gmail account, or if you do not have the account, create a new one.startime one for pc
  • Now, you are free to access the play store on your PC or windows.
  • Open the play store folder, and write Startime One inside the search bar option.
  • Finally, hit the install button.

startime one for pc

  • After the successful install, the app becomes saves on the Bluestacks folder, Now, enjoy the app for free.

startime one for pc

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Startime One For Computer, Mac, And Laptop

Is Startime One App For PC, Is Free To Use?

There are many apps, who charge a handsome amount of money, in the name of subscription, whereas the startime on for pc is totally free. You can easily access all the features of the Startime one app without paying any single penny for it. No such app allows this many amazing features for free so enjoy the world of entertainment on the giant screen.

Is Startimes One App Download Apk?

As we all know that APK pure is the original site, from where we can access and download all the android or iOS apps. And for sure the startime one is available on the APK PURE site. So you can download the app from this site and drag and drop it to the Bluestacks folder.

How I Can Enjoy Startime From The Smartphone?

It’s just so simple, Go to the play store folder and write Startime ONE, and hit the download button easily. Now, after a maximum of 10 minutes, you are free to enjoy this awesome app on your smartphone. You just have to sign in for using the app for the very first time and here your entertaining journey begins.

Is The App Causes Any Bugs Or Malware?

Not at all! Startime one is an app, that is free from all malicious things and it is the lightest weighted, and smooth application you have ever experience. Moreover, if you are already facing the issue of Bugs or malware on any device you have, Download Hi Security For PC, and kill all the viruses that target your device and causes harm.

Can We Download Startime One App On The Laptop And Tablet Also?

Yes, you can easily download and install the startime on an app on the laptop and tablet with the help of an android emulator. You just need an android emulator for it and here you can access the app for free.


This is the complete guide about how you can easily download the startime one app on the PC or any other device you want to. You just need one thing for it, called an android emulator. Hope this blog is helpful and effective for you, whereas if you find any queries or difficulty kindly let us know through the comments section. We love to hear from you. Thank you

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