Rise Of Kingdoms (rok) for PC

  • Rise of Kingdoms (rok) is an iOS and Android real-time strategy game
  • ROK was built for mobile phones and tablets and should have a great PC experience with an emulator
  • On a PC, players could split screen in PvP, administer alt accounts conveniently, and play casually while working
Rise Of Kingdoms (rok) game play features

The different ways to install and play Rise of Kingdoms for PC

  1. For Windows:
    1. Download the Windows version directly from the official ROK website. OR:
    2. Or run the game on an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox
  2. For MAC:
    1. Install from the MAC Store (only works on macOS 11 with an M1 chip) and the reviews aren’t great)
Rise Of Kingdoms Mac compatibility
Rise Of Kingdoms Mac Store Reviews
  1. Alternatively, run the game on an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox

The final result will look like this video below:

Rise Of Kingdoms installed and running on a MAC with Bluestacks

Rise Of Kingdoms Installation Steps

Here are the steps needed to run the rok game on a PC (windows or MAC):

  1. Download and install Android emulator/player software on your computer. 
  2. Popular options include Bluestacks and Nox (See detailed instructions for each emulator below).
  3. After installing the emulator on your Windows or MAC PC, either download Rise of Kingdoms directly from the google play store (easiest) or install the software from an APK file.
  4. Enjoy using the software on your PC computer.

Below are the detailed instructions per emulator.

Install Rise of Kingdoms with BlueStacks

  1. Visit bluestacks.com
  2. Select the installer for your PC (Windows or MAC).
  3. Run the installer and install BlueStacks.
  4. At this point, BlueStacks is ready, but you need to make sure you have a google account.
    1. Create a Google account or sign in from your existing account.
  5. Install Rise Of Kingdoms from the Google Play store as seen in this video:

Install Rise of Kingdoms plus with Nox

  1. Visit the official website of Nox and download the installer (it should display the right installer file on the home page).
  2. Run the installer and install Nox.
  3. Install Rise of Kingdoms from the Google Play store as seen in the video below:
    1. Enter Rise of Kingdoms in the search console.
    2. Create or login into your Google account.
    3. Install Risk of Kingdoms from the Play store.

About Rise of Kingdoms

Check out some timeless Rise of Kingdoms Wiki and tips to help you develop the finest city while keeping your assets and army troops safe and sound. Below are a few small tips.

Take Advantage of VIP Level Premium Crate and Chest

You may claim the VIP chest on the same screen (based on your VIP level). Each day, you receive this chest, which contains a variety of supplies like meals, timber, speed-ups, and much more. Do not forget to claim your bonus VIP points as well.

VIP Credits are necessary to advance to the next VIP level. Rise of Kingdoms gives free VIP credits each day by the standard. 

Establish the commander somewhere at the city’s wall to protect it

Upon achieving a particular stage, invaders will begin attacking your city. So if you haven’t already allocated a commander towards the walls, you ought to do so. When an invader attacks the kingdom, the Garrison commander leads the men to defend the wonderful city.

When you don’t designate a commander, the game may select one randomly. However, we advise you to allocate it and pick commanders skilled in defending cities.

Increase Your VIP Status for Rapid Growth

The VIP label grants the city special bonuses like action point recovery, healthcare capacity, food/wood/gold/stone production, training/building/speed upgrades, and more. You may access VIP status in Rise of Kingdoms by using gems.

Click the VIP symbol on the top-left area of the home screen. After that, click the Plus symbol to use the gemstones. By using bonus diamonds, you may quickly achieve VIP level 6.

Take Advantage of the Mysterious Merchant Offers

Construct a mail station for traders and officials in the kingdom. Traders gather here for items and speed-ups. Some items that may be purchased are supplies like timber, food, etc.

Check out the merchant store daily to get the greatest bargains.

Enhance the Watchtower to repel invaders

Protecting the city is difficult in ROK. Users must begin paying attention to the guard towers if they aren’t already. The watchtowers can attack the intruder’s forces and defend the kingdom. Boost their assault strength, vitality, and strength by upgrading the Watchtower. 

Assist and Contribute in Exchange for Credits

Individual credits are earned by assisting alliance members or providing resources to technological research. These assets can be spent on things in the alliance market. Alas, it is not currently accessible but will be accessible in future editions.

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