Is Your PS4 Controller Not Charging? Don’t Worry Here Are The Top 7 Fixer’s For You

If you’re worried and frustrated because your PS4 controller isn’t charging, you’re not alone. And if you’re considering purchasing a new controller for your Gamespot. Don’t be concerned, these kinds of things happen from time to time. However, before you do so, please read this guide and try one of the solutions listed below. I’m confident that one of the solutions will work and resolve the PS4 controller charging issue.

PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller- Youtube Fix:

Before we proceed, please read through all of the fixes for the PS4 Controller’s charging issue. But first, we recommend you watch a popular YouTube fix. which may work and resolve the charging problem But if not, try one of the fixes detailed below, and let’s take a look.

Some Easy Fixers to the PS4 Controller Charging Issue:

Now I’ll go over the top seven fixes to the PS4 Controller charging issue. That I’m confident will work for you and easily resolve the charging issue. However, it is time to stop worrying, read and try one of the fixes, and relieve stress. Let’s get started now.

PS4 Controller

Fixer No 1- Your Laptop Charging:

Here’s a quick backstory on this PS4 Controller charging fixer. A gamer once complained that his PS4 had stopped charging after a week. He tried everything, including plugging the controller’s cables into both of the console’s USB ports. However, nothing works or is fixed. It turns red when charging, but it usually stays blue.

When the gamer’s controller stopped charging, he said and tried that. However, He will plug it into his laptop charger to charge it. And it readily accepts a charge on the PS4 Controller. This fix and gamer are also from the European Union Playstation. However, you should test this fixer on your own to see if it works.

Fixer No 2- Due To Broken Wires:

Another gamer is experiencing charging problems with their PS4 controller. He claims to have contacted Sony support and checked their device by plugging their smartphone charger into the PS4 connectors. However, he realized at the time that his charger is fine in that regard. And he discovers that both controller wires are faulty. The gamer will then ship and replace his new wires. Maybe your wires are faulty and broken as well. However, test this fixer to see if it works.

Fixer No 3- Upside Down Charging:

The most basic and easy-to-use fixer for all gamers. That is having trouble charging their PS4 controllers. Now try charging the controller upside down. Sometimes the most difficult problems have simple and straightforward solutions.

Fixer No 4- USB Port Issue:

One of the causes of the PS4 Controller charging issue is a problem with your USB port. When the gamers spoke with Sony support, they encountered this issue, and some of them faced USB port faults as well. However, it’s possible that you have the same issue, so check it.

Fixer No 5- Due To Battery Replacement:

Many gamers power their gaming controllers with lithium-ion cell batteries. Because of the limited space and number of charge cycles, they must replace it on occasion. On this subject, a gamer stated that whenever he encounters this problem.

He only needs a small screwdriver, knife, wire cutter, or scissors to get them out of the screws from the back of the controllers. This gamer’s fixer is always functional and aids in the repair of damaged or loose micro USBs.

Fixer No 6- Time To Software Reset:

Whenever you have a problem charging your PS4 controller. However, try this fixer first because it may be time to reset your software. Follow the steps listed below to complete the reset process.

  1. Go to the PS4 settings.
  2. Remove all of the PS4 Controllers from the list of devices.
  3. Next to the, using the RESET button, reset the gaming controller.
  4. Using the PS button on the controller, sync it once more.

Fixer No 7- A Hack By Do It Your Self:

One of the most well-known and widely used DIY hacks for resolving and fixing the PS4 Controller charging problem. This DIY hack was inspired by a video on YouTube. All you’ll need for the DIY hack is a small screwdriver to easily remove the screws from the back of the controller. Additionally, some wire cutters and USB cables will not be used during the procedure. This is a good and useful option to consider. Try this famous DIY Hack to see if it works and if it solves the problem.

Need to buy a new PS4 Controller for my Gamespot?

Noway, Before you rush out to buy a new controller for your Gamespot. Please try the above-mentioned fixers. One of them will undoubtedly resolve your charging issue while also saving you money.

My PS4 Controller isn’t charging?

There could be a number of reasons why your PS4 Controller isn’t charging. For example, broken wires, resetting software, battery replacement, USB port issues, and a variety of other reasons. But don’t worry, we mentioned some quick fixes above that will quickly resolve your charging issue. For your problem, try one of them.

How can I exchange the faulty and broken wires?

The broken and faulty wires can be easily exchanged where you purchase the PS4. To ship the wires, simply call the store’s customer service number. Alternatively, you can go to that store and easily exchange the broken and faulty wires.

PS4 Controller Charging Issue- Final Words:

We sincerely hope that this article and all of the solutions mentioned above will solve your problem in a matter of minutes. Now is not the time to be concerned about purchasing a new controller or anything else. Simply apply and test one of the fixers mentioned in this guide to resolve your charging issue, then relax.

If you have any further questions or are experiencing any technical difficulties. However, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We will gladly resolve your issue as soon as possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide. I hope it is helpful to you, Take care.

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