How to Free Download Zapya For PC, Windows 10,8,7 and Mac Laptop

zapya for pcIn this article, you’ll learn about Zapya For PC. Do you ever need to share a file or an image with someone quickly? Maybe you meet your boss or coworkers and need to send them a specific spreadsheet or analysis. We all know about WhatsApp but the truth is, you can always use WhatsApp.

For services like WhatsApp, you’ll need the internet. Not everyone has an internet package all the time. You might turn towards Bluetooth but, compatibility and certainly are major factors associated with it. You cant always just use a USB or microSD card. If only there was a way to do that right? What if I told you there is. Keep reading and I’ll introduce you to Zapya and tell you How To Download Zapya For PC.

What is Zapya?

Zapya is the free file sharing application that you can rely on. It boasts rapid file-sharing that is easy to use and supports transfer across iOS, Android, Mac Laptop, and other platforms! Zapya was created for the reason it was needed most. Rapid, internet free file sharing.

You can quickly transfer files between PC, android, and ios devices without the need of being connected to a network. With support for up to 20 languages, file sharing has never been easier. The best part about this app is that its completely free. There arent any in-app purchases to boost your experience. Everyone gets the same great experience.

You can start sharing files with people around you using one of the four simple ways to transfer available on Zapya. Create a group and invite others to join it, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, shake to connect to another device, or just send files to those nearby.

Why Download Zapya for PC?

Zapya For PC

Besides being free and completely reliable, Zapya has much more to offer.

  • Bulk Transfer Large Files
    No more worrying to find a USB when you need to transfer massive folders. You can share multiple large files with just one click!
  •  Phone Replication
    Upgrading to a new phone? Easily backup and transfer all of the files at once from your old device to a new one.
  • “Install All” Option
    You now can select from the applications on your PC, your friend’s phone, or your old phone and download all the apps you want onto your device simultaneously with the “Install All” option.

How To Download Zapya for PC, Windows 10,8,7, Mac, and Android?

As Zapya is available on google play store and is fully PC ready, we’ll have to be smart with how we get it. I’ve listed how we can get them for both devices below.

Download Zapya For Android Devices

If you’re interested in getting Zapya for your android device then follow the simple steps mentioned. We’re going to have to download the APK file. One way to Get Zapya for android is to go to a website for APKs and Download Zapya apk file from here.

Now, wait until downloading the finish and then install it. For installation, all you have to do is open your files folders and tap the APK file. your device will automatically ask you if you wish to install the application. simple select yes and wait for it to install. Now just open the app and voila! Share to your heart’s content.

The other way is simple. Make your way to the google play store. Locate the search bar (usually in the top middle of the page) and type in “Zapya”. You’ll automatically be directed to the Zapya app icon. Simply click install and wait as the application downloads and installs itself. And Voila! Welcome to your personal mass sharing tool.

Download Zapya For PC

If you’re interested in getting Zapya for your PC, Windows 10,8,7  then follow the simple steps mentioned. We’re going to have to download the APK file.

  • You’re going to have to download and install Bluestacks in order to run Zapya on PC and Mac Laptop. I’ve linked the Bluestacks android emulator complete guide here.
  • After Bluestacks has been installed successfully, log in with your google play account.
  • Here is the downloadable link for Zapya APK.
  • After downloading the Zapya APK file, open the Bluestacks main screen and locate the install apk button which will appear on the left side of your screen corner. Click on the Install apk button and look for the Zapya APK file.
  • Select it from the folder and let it upload to Bluestacks.
  • Wait for the file to upload to Bluestacks after which, open Bluestacks and locate the Zapya app icon and launch it.
  • You are ready to use the Zapya app on PC and Mac Laptop.

Now, wait for it to finish downloading and then install it. Don’t worry about installation, the application will guide you with step-by-step instructions presented on screen. This will help ease the installation and configuration process. Once its done, Voila! Now you can easily and quickly share large files between devices.

Final Words

Unlike most applications of this type, Zapya does not require an Andriod emulator to work on a PC. For a Windows PC, it’s as easy as opening the Microsoft store and searching for it. Since Zapya is a windows certified application, you can simply download it for your PC for free. You’ll have to sign in to your outlook account if you haven’t already. Simply press the big blue “Get” button and relax while the application downloads and installs itself. We won’t need to use Bluestacks(or any other android emulator).

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