Feel Secure and Download YouTube Kids For Windows, PC and Mac.

Are you finding a safe and reliable app for your Kids? then Download YouTube Kids For Windows. Are you a parent who wants their kid to watch safe and appropriate videos? If yes then you must Install and run YouTube Kids For Windows, PC, and Mac to have an incredibly reliable and secure experience for your Kids.

What is Download YouTube Kids For Windows?

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

YouTube Kids is an application developed for kids by YouTube. It is an application for Both Android and IOS that has millions of videos only for children. Later on, it became available on TV as well. Now you can easily access YouTube kids on whatever device you’re using. This application allows their user to access 4 main content categories that are Recommended, Shows, Music, and Learning. It allows your kids to watch Shows according to their age limit and the best thing is parents have all the control of whatever their kids are watching. It has crossed over 100M+ Downloads and 4.3 stars rating on the most popular Google Play Store.

YouTube Kids For Windows have only content relevant for Kids. That is the main purpose of developing this application that there will be a high and secure limit for kids of younger age. It provides you a variety of videos from amazing Shows and educational videos to incredible cartoons.

Why Download YouTube Kids For Windows?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Youtube Kids. It was developed to provide a family-friendly application that can be used by kids without any problem. This application allows users to control the application according to each kid’s age limit. They can control and limit the use of YouTube Kid which is unique. You can block the content which you think is inappropriate for your kid. You can filter out the search of YouTube Kids so your child can never watch anything irrelevant. The people of over 69 countries can access this application and enjoy having the ultimate fun.

Is Download YouTube Kids For Windows Free?

Yes, YouTube Kids For Windows is free for everyone as you can watch unlimited commercial content for free. It doesn’t require any subscription or membership to use it. Also, certain ads are paid. But that doesn’t concern user who is there to watch videos.

Features of Download YouTube Kids For Desktop:

Here I am going to tell you some popular yet unique features which YouTube Kids provide to their users;

  • YouTube Kids For Windows assures that they only allow approved content for children to the audience so that every parent can freely allow their children to watch videos and content.
  • This application gives parents the power and control of blocking those videos which are inappropriate for kids of their age.
  • It allows you to access the different profiles of each age kid i-e if I am a parent to 3 kids of different ages, this application allows me to create a different profile for each kid which I can manage accordingly. I am allowed to block and filter the content.
  • Also, this application helps you to turn on and off the search function so that your kid never searches anything.
  • Only you can access your kid’s history of watched videos, they have no right to delete the history which is a plus point.
  • You can create a limited screening time so that your child does not spend access time watching videos.
  • They recently maintained a difference between advertising and content so that the kid doesn’t confuse about both.

What makes this ‘An App Made Just For Kids’?

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows is an app made just for kids is absolutely true because you’ll only find the content for kids on this application. No other content can get access to be displayed on the app as this is the main motive of YouTube Kid that it was developed to only stream relevant for kids content and videos only.

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

What does it mean ‘All Kinds Of videos For All Kinds of Kids’?

The meaning is quite simple. YouTube Kids For MAC provides a different type of content for kids. It can be Shows, Comedy Cartoons, Adventure cartoons, Stories, Story Telling, Educational Videos, Training Videos, and much more. They provide unlimited and amazing video content for all kinds of kids. This is why it says  ‘All kinds of videos for all kinds of kids’.

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

What is ‘Parental Controls to Set Content Levels By Age‘?

YouTube Kids For Laptop lets the parents control to set which content they want to allow for their children and which to block according to their age. I think this really is a unique feature of all. You can access different profiles for different age groups of kids.

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

What do you mean by ‘Approve What Your Kids Watch’?

YouTube Kids For PC first accepts your approval before showing any kind of content to your kids. It doesn’t allow your kid to watch any restrictive age content against their profiles and always ask your permission before letting your kid watch the videos.

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

Is it True that you can ‘Set A Timer To Limit Screen Time’ of your kid:

Yes, It is absolutely true that is because this application provides you this incredible feature of setting a timer to limit the time of screen as your kid won’t exceed that time limit and in this way, your kid will keep balance their watching time.

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows

How To Download YouTube Kids For Windows?

Here is the complete and easy guide on how you can Download YouTube Kids For Windows, PC, Laptop, Desktop, and computers. Don’t missout any step to easily download this application into your computers;

Downloading YouTube Kids For Windows with Bluestacks:

I would like to tell you that an android emulator is the first requirement to download any Android applications on your PC, Windows, Mac,  desktop, and laptop. Bluestacks is the ideal and most popular emulator software to download the android app on your desktop or laptop with only a single click. Here we will be downloading YouTube Kids For Windows through BlueStacks.

Step 1: The first step is to Download BlueStacks For Windows from the official website of BlueStacks. Here is the link which will direct you to the website. You will see the download button in the middle of the website. By any chance, if you find any difficulty here is the article which will help you to easily download BlueStacks into your PC.

Step 2: Now, you will have to follow the step-by-step procedure of installation of BlueStacks into your PC which it will show on your screen. This will take few minutes to install as the speed of internet connectivity matters.

Step 3: Click the BlueStcaks Icon on your desktop. When the BlueStacks open it will show you the application’s desktop. There you’ll find an Icon of Playstore on the screen. Click the Icon.

Step 4: PlayStore will be open and you’ll require to set up a google account on it by logging into the Google Account. You’ll need an ID and Password to complete the login.

Step 5: Now, You’ll see the Search Bar on the screen. Simply write “YouTueb Kids For Windows” on the search bar to download the application to your device.

Download YouTube Kids For Windows

Step 6: Select the one from the generated results and you’ll see a screen like this as shown in the picture. Click the Install button and you’re ready to use YouTube Kids For Windows on your computer.

Download YouTube Kids For Windows

Download YouTube Kids For Windows -Conclusion

YouTube Kids For Windows is an amazing yet incredible application specially designed for your children. There is a proper team who themselves watches the video and allows them to publish by the content makers which is why nobody goes against the rules and regulations of this application. You can freely create playlists for your kids and let them enjoy quality time by watching interesting videos. Download YouTube Kids For Windows for kid’s content.

You can control the flow of content very easily. Just allow the content which you want your kid to watch on the other hand you also have the authority to filter and block the content which you think would be inappropriate for your Kid. They’ll be exploring only the videos which you’ll approve for your kids.

I think it’s a great initiative by YouTube which is now helping numerous parents. They have no fear, that their children could watch violent and inappropriate things behind their back or in their absence because you cannot put an eye on your kid every second. This helps them a lot in reducing tensions and worries. It is a family-friendly application that anyone can watch with their kids and toddlers. No one will be able to view mature, film, and improper content in this app. Your kids are definitely gonna enjoy the cute and fun-loving cartoon characters which will add joy to their lives.

I hope you find this article helpful. If yes then share it with your relatives, friends, and family. So that they can also restrict content for their kids. For further queries, regarding the downloading method of YouTube Kids For Windows or you find any difficulty in downloading the application, kindly let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to serve you. Thank you so much.

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