How To Download WiseView For Windows 7,8,10, PC And MAC

Download WiseView For Windows, PC, and MAC. Security is very important for all of us. If you are concerned about the security of your home, office, or other location. So, get this app now. This app will greatly improve your security. We have no idea what will happen by chance, and we have no proof. The app will assist you in providing live status and evidence from your all-camera.

Download Wiseview For PC

We usually have cameras in our homes, offices, shops, house gates, and other locations. You can use this app to view the live status of your camera on your smartphone and other devices. This app also allows you to playback videos of your camera. You can now use this app on your PC and desktop. Download WiseView For Windows 7,8,10. More security apps can be found here. You can also look at these articles. gCMOM, Mydlink, and Funlux.

Features Of WiseView App:

Live Status:

With this app, you can easily monitor your home, office, shops, house gate, and many other locations. Simply link your camera to this app. You can view all of the live status updates from your smartphone or PC. With this app, you can stay informed about your home, office, and other important matters at any time and from any location.

Record Video:

If you are unable to view the live view. You can also record the live video and watch them later using this feature. Watch the recorded video more than once. You can watch them multiple times from various angles to get a good overview. Download WiseView For Windows and MAC.

Number Of Cameras:

This app allows you to connect a number of cameras. If you use multiple cameras feeds in this app, don’t worry about crashing the view. Even after that, it still works well. Connect all of your cameras to this app and get live status updates on your smartphone and PC.


If there is an actual problem with the live view. You can take a screenshot of that view of live video and recorded live video right away. With this app, you can take screenshots anywhere and at any time. You can also take screenshots as evidence.

Free To Use:

You can get this app for free on your smartphone or PC. You can easily download this app for free from your play store or app store. With this app, you can keep an eye on your home, office, shops, and so on for free. Simply connect the camera to this app to stay up to date with the live status. This app does not charge you a fee to use it. Download WiseView For Laptop for free.

Download Wiseview For Windows

Secure Your Lifestyle:

With this app, you can easily secure your lifestyle. Keep an eye on the live status of the camera from anywhere and at any time. This app is easy to use. Simply use your smartphone or PC to view the live status of your camera at any time and from any location. With this app, you can stay secure at all times. Download this app for the computer.

How To Use WiseView App?

Simply go to your app store or play store and download this app. Open the app after it has been downloaded. This app requires you to enter your ID and password. Following a successful registration. Navigate to the menu list and select the device option. Where your camera device can be easily added with the P2P ID and other camera information. Your camera live view will be visible on your screen.

Download Wiseview For Windows

Can I watch two or three live at the same time?

Yes, you can easily watch two, three, or more live streams on your phone or computer screen. The collage option is conveniently located at the bottom of your screen. Where you can easily view the live screens two, three, four, and more. Simply tap the grid you want to use. Download this app for Windows.

Download Wiseview For Windows

Is There A Playback Option In This App?

Sure, you can easily playback your recorded live videos with this app. If you miss any live views of your camera, make sure to record them. And you can watch them again and again by using the playback feature of this app. Download WiseView For desktop.

Download Wiseview For PC

Is WiseView a Safe App to Download?

Definitely, This app is completely safe for your phone and computer. This app does not require any personal information from you. Don’t be concerned about anything when you download this app. The app is safe to use on your devices.

How To Download WiseView For PC?

  1. To download this app, download an Android emulator on your PC.
  2. Go to the web, Search Bluestacks in the search bar option.
  3. Bluestacks‘ official website can be found here. Where the download button is easily visible. Also, if you encounter any difficulties while downloading, you can refer to this article for assistance. Please visit this page Click Here.
  4. Following a successful download. Activate the Bluestacks. Sign in to Google Play with your Gmail ID and password.
  5. Then, Open Google Play in the search bar option, type WiseView App.
  6. Choose the app. Select the download option. And you can begin remotely monitoring your camera.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hoped that by following these simple steps, we would be able to speed up the downloading process. Download this app now to view all of your camera’s live views on your phones and other devices. Keep an eye on the live view via your phones and computers. You can easily playback your recorded live. Take screenshots for evidence, and among other things. So, Download WiseView For Windows Now.

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