Worried About Calling Rates?- Download WhatsCall For PC, Windows 10 and Mac

Wanna enjoy an app with low calling rates? If you want to call national and international contacts free then Download WhatsCall For PC, Windows 10, and Mac now. This application allows you to call worldwide without any charges. Isn’t this satisfying? Wanna know more about free and best calling applications read BeeTalk and Nextplus so that you can easily download the applications and enjoy free calling worldwide.

What Is WhatsCall For PC?

How To Download WhatsCall For PC

WhatsCall For PC is an application that allows you to call almost 245 countries (can be more or less) worldwide. Only internet activity matters the most, the better the internet connection is better the call quality will be. This application saves you from wastage of your top-up and will relief your worries of high calling rates. Now, you can connect to your loved ones really easily in no time and effort. This application not only allows you to call but also capable of messaging, photos and audio as well.

This application also gives you the advantage of blocking unknown calls and contacts. It is a secure and safe application. You can get a free call credit by completing daily tasks that include; Ad Clicks, Invitation to friends, watching the video, and much more. You get 2000 credits on installing the app and get 5000 credits on every invitation you send.

Is WhatsCall For PC Safe To Use?

Yes, WhatsCall For Windows is safe to use application. It is not a scam at all. You can safely enjoy calling your friends, family, and loved ones.

Features of WhatsCall For PC, Windows 10 and Mac:

Here are some exciting features of WhatsCall For PC, Mac and Windows 10;

Cheap Calling Rates:

WhatsCall provides users with very cheap calling rates than other calling applications. It allows you to call a person in another country with comparatively low prices. You can freely contact anyone without spending any money. Discover exceptionally affordable rates of calls around the world.

Get 2000+ Free credit:

This application gives you 2000 free credits on installing the application to your devices. After installation, you’ll get free credits. Also, you can earn more credits by completing some tasks, and by sending an invitation you can earn at least 5000 credits.

How To Download WhatsCall For PC

No Phone Bills:

WhatsCall For Mac gives you access to do international calls to any country across the world, even if the recipient has no internet connection. It is not necessary for another person to have a stable internet connection to attend the call.

How To Download WhatsCall For PC

Clear and Stable Calling:

This application allows you high-quality and stable phone call that is super clear. Dial a contact number and call as long as you want it won’t disconnect. It provides you Clear and stable calling quality. It offers you a good quality of voice.

Unlimited Call Credits:

There is a number of methods by which you can earn credits. Keep earning credit and call as much as you want for free. You can also earn credits on a daily basis through the tasks.

How To Download WhatsCall For PC


How to use Whatscall when you run out of credits?

WhatsCall For Computer is an amazing application which not only allows you to call online but also offline. By any chance, if you run out of credits this application is still useful. You can call another person by enabling Airplane Mode through the internet by following the below steps;

  1. Turn your Airplane Mode Onn and make sure your cell phone catches no signals.
  2. Link the WhatsCall to Wifi via Internet connection to make calls.
  3. Open the Dialing Pad.
  4. Choose the country which you want to contact on the dial screen.
  5. After choosing the Country code, You’ll need to dial a number.
  6. Once you dial a number or choose from your phone, Hit the Call button and you’ll successfully connect to the call.How To Download WhatsCall For PC

How To Download WhatsCall For PC, Windows, and Mac:

Here I’m going to tell you an effective guide so that you can easily Download WhatsCall for PC, Windows 10, Laptop, Computer, Desktop, and Mac. Read the full article and don’t skip the Steps to properly download this application into your PC;

Downloading WhatsCall For PC with Bluestacks:

Firstly, You must know that an android emulator is a first and most important requirement to download any Android application or software on your PC, Windows, Mac,  desktop, and laptop, or any other device. Without an emulator (a Third-Party solution) it will be quite difficult.

Bluestacks is the most popular emulator software of all time to download the android app on your desktop or laptop with only a single click. Here we will be downloading WhatsCall For PC through BlueStacks.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks For Windows: The first step is to Download BlueStacks For Windows from the official website of BlueStacks. Here is the link which will direct you to the website. You will see the download button in the middle of the website. By any chance, if you find any difficulty here is the article which will help you to easily download BlueStacks into your PC.

Step 2: Install the BluStacks: Now, you will require to follow the step-by-step procedure of installation of BlueStacks into your PC it will show on your screen. This will take few minutes to install it depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 3: Open The PlayStore: Click the BlueStcaks Icon on your desktop. When the BlueStacks open it will show you the application’s desktop. There you’ll find an Icon of Playstore on the screen. Click the Icon.

Step 4: Login The Google Account: PlayStore will be open and you’ll require to set up a google account on it by logging into the Google Account. You’ll need an ID and Password to complete the login.

Step 5: Write ‘WhatsCall’ on the Search Bar of PlayStore: Now, You’ll see the Search Bar on the screen. Simply write “WhatsCall For PC” on the search bar to download the application to your device.

How To Download WhatsCall For PC

Step 6: Click the Install Button: Select the one from the generated results and you’ll see a screen like this as shown in the picture. Click the Install button and Download WhatsCall For PC is successfully installed into your PC.

How To Download WhatsCall For PC

WhatsCall For PC- Conclusion:

In this article, we covered about WhatsCall, Features of WhatsCall, How to Use Whatscall, and How you can Download WhatsCall For PC. I tried my level best to clear all your doubts.

Hope you’ll find this guide easy and effective to download the application to your device. For any queries and questions, ask in the comment section. We will be responding soon. Thank You for your time.

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