How to Download Google Duos For PC, Windows 10,8,7 and Mac Laptop Free

Google Duos For PCIn this article, You’ll learn about Google Duo and How to Download Google Duos For PC. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many industries and businesses have been forced to work from home. Now at first, this might seem like a joke but if you look at it closely, it’s a pretty smart idea. Businesses can now have important business meetings without having to risk catching COVID-19.

Everyone has been instructed to use any online means necessary to continue their work online. This is to make people chip in their part to make sure the world and economy keep moving forward. You can find this “work from home” policy being implemented across all industries. From schooling to production, all sectors are adopting this policy. Even I’m working from home. Keep reading to learn about a cool app for video calls to assist you in working from home. Learn more about Google Duos in this article. For more software for PC visit our blog.

What is Google Duos?

Google Duos is currently the hight quality video calling application available on the market. It allows for mass video calling with up to 12 members. The app boasts reliability and simplicity. You won’t have any problems with the user interface due to its elegance and easy to use nature. The app is compatible with android and ios devices. Furthermore, you can use it with other smart devices such as TV’s and/or via a web browser.

Why Download Google Duos?Google Duos For PC

Besides being a huge help while working from home, Google Duos has much more to offer. Read the list of exciting features Google Duos offer below.

  • Google Duos boasts inter-compatibility. It Doesn’t matter wheater you’re using an android or ios. Google Duos has you covered.
  • With support for up to 12 members, You can use Google Duos Everything. Be it Important business meetings or just an online family reunion.
  • Vidoe calling isn’t the only thing you can do with Google duos. With the chat option, you can send personalized messages to others with just a tap.
  • Thanks to Google duos advanced algorithm, lighting conditions will never be a bother. You can use Google duo to its max even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Don’t look perfect? Having a bad hair day? Use the voice call only feature to join in or make a call without video. Just because they can’t see you doesn’t mean you’re not there!

How to Download Google Duos for PC, Windows, macOS, and Android?

Google Duos is downloadable for both android and ios devices. But it’s not fully PC ready. Read below to learn about different methods to install Google Duos for PC.

Download Google Duos for Android Devices

For those of you interested in downloading Google Duos for their android device then follow these simple steps. We’re going to have to download the APK file. APK stands for Android Package. One way to Get Google Duos for android is to go to a website for APKs. The link for the Google Duos APK file is available here.

  1. Now, wait for it to finish downloading and then install it.
  2. For installation, all you have to do is open your files folders and tap the APK file. your device will automatically ask you if you wish to install the application.
  3. Simply select yes and wait for it to install.
  4. Now just open the app and voila! Now you can Mass Video call in high quality!

The other way is simple. Make your way to the google play store. Locate the search bar (usually in the top middle of the page) and type in “Google Duos”. You’ll automatically be directed to the Google Duos app icon. Simply click install and wait as the application downloads and installs itself. Now you can Mass Video call in high quality!

Download Google Duos For PC, Windows 10,8,7 and Mac Laptop via APKGoogle Duos For PC

Downloading Google Duos for PC and Mac Laptops is now as easy as ever. We’re going to have to download the APK file. APK stands for Android Package. One way to Get Google Duos for PC is to go to a website for APKs. Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be using Google Duos in no time:

  1. You’re going to have to download and install Bluestacks in order to run Google Duos on PC and Mac Laptop. I’ve linked the Bluestacks android emulator complete guide here.
  2. Log in with your google play account after installation.
  3. Here is the downloadable link for Google Duos APK.
  4. After downloading the Google Duos APK file, open the Bluestacks main screen and locate the install apk button which will appear on the left side of your screen corner. Click on the Install apk button and look for the Google Duos APK file.
  5. Select it from the folder and let it upload to Bluestacks.
  6. Wait for the file to upload to Bluestacks after which, open Bluestacks and locate the Google Duos app icon and launch it.
  7. You are ready to use the Google Duos app on PC and Mac Laptop.

Download Google Duos For PC, Windows 10,8,7, and Mac Laptop via Emulator

Google Duos was initially an android/ios based application. However, with the help of an emulator, you can easily install Google Duos on your PC and enjoy the services it offers. You can Get it by following the simple steps listed below.

  1. Download an Andriod emulator. I recommend Bluestacks due to its wide community and tech support.
  2. install the emulator by following the simple on-screen instructions.
  3. Search for “Google Duos” in the search bar on the upper right side
  4. Select the Google Duos icon and click download.
  5. relax as the emulator downloads and configures the application itself.

Now the Google Duos icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen. select it and click launch. And Voila! Now you can Mass Video call in high quality!

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