How To Download Funlux For PC, Windows and Mac

In this article, you will know How To Download Funlux For PC, Windows, and Mac. If you’re concerned about security then you need to know about this application. Do you want to watch live video from all your IP devices? If yes then this application is for you. You can also read these articles How To Download gDMSS HD Lite For PC, Windows, and Mac and Install Easyviewer Lite For PC, Windows, And Mac For Free.

What is Download Funlux For PC?

Funlux makes it possible to control your IP camera from everywhere may it be office, home, or vacations. This application allows you to effectively connect all of your cameras to your devices with Funlux. What you have to do is just connect your CCTV to the Funlux app and fill in the relevant information which is required by the app. You can access all the information and live footage through your smartphone and PC as well. It makes your life less worried and easier.

Download Funlux For PC

How To Use Download Funlux For PC?

The Funlux App is relatively easy to use. You just have to download the app from Google Store or Apple Store. After the installation completes open the app and set up the account.

Is Funlux For PC Free To Use?

You can use the Funlux app free for 30 days trial. After that, you’re supposed to buy a subscription package or membership.

Download Funlux For PC

How To Connect To Funlux?

To connect to Funlux you will require to connect to a WiFi network to which your camera connects. Link your device to Wifi Network, return to the Funlux App. Then connect your camera to the Wifi network and connect it. It’ll take few minutes to proceed.

Download Funlux For PC

Features Of Funlux For PC:

Multiple Cameras:

Funlux gives access to this amazing feature of managing several cameras. This application allows you to add several cameras also maintains the technique of adding new cameras to your device. Just enter the relevant information and connect the camera successfully.

Download Funlux For PC

Remote Monitoring:

Funlux saves videos and has a Playback Function, All your live videos can be seen anywhere at any moment. Not only video it also provides you audio facility. If the camera detects any kind of movement in a live video it urgently notifies use. Also, it captures a screenshot and delivers it to your linked device in real-time. The best thing about this application is that it supports every IP camera.

Download Funlux For PC


Funlux saves all your events so that you can watch them later. And consider what is happening around you even if you miss something by any chance. It captures little to little detail and aware you of all the things happening around you in a live camera.

Download Funlux For PC

How To Download Funlux For PC?

Here are some easy steps to Download Funlux For PC on your device by using Android Emulator. BlueStacks is the most reliable and popular emulator for this task. 

Steps:1 Download The BlueStacks: 

Firstly, download the BlueStacks emulator to your PC. Here is the downloading link for BlueStacks- Download Bluestacks. A Website like this will appear on your screen;

Download Funlux For PC

Steps:2 Install The BlueStacks:

Finish the installation of BlueStacks by following the step-by-step instruction, quality internet connectivity will be a plus as it will take few minutes to get installed. 

Steps:3 Open The BlueStacks:

Open the BlueStacks Application, You’ll see the Google Play Store Icon on the Desktop if you can’t find it by any means then go to the Installed Apps tab and search Google Play Store there You’ll easily find the BlueStacks Application.

Steps:4 Set Up The Play Store:

Set up the Google Play Store by logging into your account. To use PlayStore it is required to follow the procedure.

Steps:5 Write Download Funlux For PC on Search Bar:

Go to Search Bar and write Funlux on the Play Store. The results will appear. Select the right one.

Steps:6 Install Funlux For PC:

Click the Install Button and wait to get it to download. Installation of Download Funlux For PC successfully is done.

Download Funlux For PC

Download Funlux For PC- Conclusion:

I hope you’ll find the Download Funluc For Pc article helpful. Now the Funlux software is effectively installed on your PC. It will secure your life in the best possible way. You can easily access your CCTV and cloud camera’s live video wherever and whenever you want. You can now enjoy the safe use of Funlux by following the easy steps. Feel secure while you cannot see your home. No need to worry more. For any queries related to gDMSS HD Lite, you can ask in the comment section. We will be looking forward to your queries as soon as possible. Thank you.


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