Freetelly Complete Installation Guide

Today you will learn about Freetelly installation method in this post. Freetelly is one of the easiest custom version for all those users who find Kodi and some third-party add-ons difficult. Downloading Freetelly for Windows and Mac is very simple and easy now. You just need to follow the downloading method from the below section and enjoy Freetelly on your required device for free. But before going to the download method let me explain you little about What FreeTelly exactly is and the difference between FreeTelly and Kodi?

What is FreeTelly:

FreeTelly is the newer and easy to use the addition of the Kodi. FreeTelly makes a Kodi experience easy for its users and simplifies the TV Addon installation process as well. Free Telly will give access to a huge amount of TV content and let you watch all kinds of TV shows for free.

What is the different between Kodi and FreeTelly:

Kodi is specially designed for downloading streaming apps on your device with freedom. Kodi gives access to all kinds of media content and can be used on any device including TV, phone laptops, etc. This software comes with so many add-ons that provide you with great Kodi experience. But FreeTelly is the new addition of the Kodi which quite simple and easy to use as compared to Kodi. FreeTelly also offered a huge amount of TV content but it’s only available for Windows and Mac devices. Otherwise Kodi and FreeTelly both streaming services and provide free streaming to their all users.

Can FreeTelly and Kodi install together on PC?

Yes! you can install FreeTelly and Kodi together because they both are different files and show up on the menu separately. So you can run both programs at the same time on your PC, Windows and Mac Laptop.

How to install FreeTelly for Windows and Mac for free?

Above we describe FreeTelly in details and we hope you understand what is the use of FreeTelly. Now come to its download method which is also a piece of cake. You don’t need to be worry if you have little tech knowledge. Because this software installation process is very simple. It will take a few minutes and you will be ready to use FreeTelly on Windows and Mac. Now follow the downloading method from below.freetelly

Enjoy Secure Streaming on FreeTelly with VPN:

FreeTelly allows you to enjoy video streaming on your device for free. But are you sure online streaming is safe nowadays? As the internet is full of hackers and fraudsters, and anyone can steal your data without even knowing you. And government surveillance is also common nowadays. So once you go online that meant you can be threatened by third-party anytime and your sensitive data will be in danger.

So if you want to enjoy online streaming safe and secure or want to unblock different blocked addons on Kodi. VPN is the only solution of your all problems, just install the best VPN now on your device and enjoy FreeTelly and Kodi Addon without being monitored from the third party. VPN will help you to enjoy online streaming privately and give guaranteed safety and privacy while you are online. You can download any of the reliable free VPN for PC and Mac from here.

How To Install FreeTelly:

For using Freetelly on Windows you must download FreeTelly.exe from here, it contains 4mb and approximately takes 1 minute to download. When downloading completely open it from the browser download path or go to your system download folder.

Run the file and click on next when it appears on the screen.freetelly windows

Then click next to proceed installation.

Now choose the installation destination where you want to save it.


On installer, the screen makes sure you have checked Freetelly box.

The installation process will take some time, but not too long. freetelly windows

When it appears “almost done” click on finish setup.

freetelly windows

Now Freetelly configuration will start, click on the continue button.


The configuration tool will setup some necessary files.

When all type downloading files process complete click on ok button and you are done.

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