Fix Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage in Windows 10

Sometimes, when we are installing the OS on our Windows 10, could be a problem and makes us angry. It not only makes your computer hang, but also you cannot perform anything promptly. Modern Setup Host or setuphostexe is the update that running in the background and we don’t know about it. So let’s explore more about it and find a clear solution to fix this problem efficiently.

What is the Process of Modern Setup Host?

For installing and extracting the operating system updates, the modern setup host occurs. It is a process of the windows background environment. ”setuphost.exe” is the process that can be found in the location.

Modern Setup, Host a Virus?

It is a legitimate windows process, so we cannot say modern setup host a virus. Although without confirming its digital signature, we cannot be sure it that it is a virus or not.

About Digital Signature

An element that contains metadata or the origin of the element, such as creator’s information is called a digital signature. It is proof of authenticity. For the modern setup, we need the support of a digital signature.

To check the digital signature, you should have to open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to jump into the details tab. Now, go for the process ”setuphost.exe’ and right-click it. Then choose the Open file option from the context menu. After that right-click on the file explorer and lastly click, on the properties.

1 Modern setup host

After getting the properties window go for the digital signature tab. Look carefully if the name of the signer is listed as Microsoft, it means that it is not a hoax, it is legit. Furthermore, if there was nothing, then it’s a malicious process your device experience. We advise you to using antivirus software to get rid of it.

2 Modern setup host

Fix Modern Setup Host High Disk Utilization

There are many things to do for fixing the high resource utilization of the modern setup and using your PC without any distraction. Let’s fix this thing by following the methods we are going to provide you. It will take only 20 minutes

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

It is all connected to the windows update, that’s the reason, the first solution we have is, troubleshoot the windows update. Windows 10 already comes with troubleshooting technology that let automatically encounters any faults and advice solutions as well.

  • Firstly, open the troubleshoot button by settings app, (Run -> ms-settings: troubleshoot).
  • Click additional troubleshooters
  • Lastly, click on the windows update and run the troubleshooter

You will clearly see a new windows update troubleshooter window now, it will scan all the things efficiently. If any problem is found on your PC, it will suggest to you what to do now and fix the problems easily.

Rebuild Windows Image

Corruption within the operating system files is also a reason for modern setup host high disk, for using the more resources. DISM (Deployment image servicing and management) is the fixing strategy for corruption. It is also called a command-line tool.

Launched the command prompt with administrative privileges and enter the 3 commands one by one.

2 Modern setup host

It will only take some minutes for fixing the command. We suggest you not close the command prompt, and allow its abundant time to run. After all the processes, reinstall the windows and reboot the PC.

Finish a Clean Boot

Clean Boot is something like a process of bootup. It Blocks all the unnecessary background apps and processes for a specific time. This is an advanced method to rule out and fix the issues your device is facing and experiencing harm.

  • Under the general tab, Type msconfig in the run.
  • Uncheck the box and load startup items
  • Go to the services tab, and check the box to hide all Microsoft services, and hit the enter button to disable it
  • Then switch for the startup tab and open task Manager.
  • Click on each item of the given list for disabling them one by one.
  • Lastly, close the task manager and click on the Apply button, and then OK for the system configuration. reboot the PC smoothly

Change System Language

This is the point, we are missing sometimes. As the language we are using on our computer is another reason that affects the installation process of windows updates. Your should current system language, should same as the default system UI language. If not, it causes a modern setup host process and consumes the resources on a high level.

  • Check the default language first, to do so, launched the command prompt with administrative rights.
  • Type DISM.exe /online /get-intl
  • This will present you the default system UI language in front of the installed language
  • ┬áThen changed the system settings smoothly by open the Region and language options in the settings app (Run ->ms-settings:regionlangugae)
  • Make sure the same language
  • Lastly, reinstall the windows and check is modern setup exist or not now

Distribution Folder

In C Windows, we found a software distribution folder. It contains some general yet temporary files, within the subfolder as well. And it requires updating the windows promptly.

Due to this reason, we should have to remove the unwanted files that let cause a modern setup host and makes the computer not perform any task. Follow the steps for removing the files easily

  • Using the File Explorer, navigate the location
  • Select all the items by pressing the Ctrl + A shortkeys.
  • Delete all the selected items by click on the Del button and holding down the shift key
  • Restart the computer lastly

Disable Updates of Windows

As we all know after reading the above blog, the modern setup host is all connected with windows updates. So you can disable windows that are updated altogether. On the other hand, we don’t recommend you to update your OS on daily basis keeps the system and makes it secure.


This is not an easy task to find out, where the problem actually exists in our devices. But these simple remedies can works if we do it properly. After doing all the things efficiently, you are able to perform all the tasks on your PC easily. Hope this information and fixes options are better and effective for you. Feel free to drop a feedback comment.

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