Download Telegram X for windows 7,8, 10, Desktop and Mac

telegram x- for- windows-1087-and-mac-laptop-download-freeIf you are new to telegram x for Windows and looking to download this app on your PC. Then you are in the right place. Today we will not only tell you how to download this application but we will also increase your knowledge about what actually Telegram x is and how it works, how you can download this app for windows 7,8,10 desktop and MAC. In simple words telegram, x is a messaging app which is the latest version of telegram.

Here the application is having quite different and improved features as compared to its previous version telegram. Telegram x is more of a security-based app, as it is mostly used by the specific group of the peoples who requires more security and privacy in their communications. The interface of this new version has been developed by keeping the latest trend in mind. Telegram x is much faster and secure as compare to its previous version. You can create chat groups with your friends. The developers are working hard to introduce their new rollouts by the passage of time.

Let’s jump into the process of how we can download this exciting application. First, we will see what are the system requirements for telegram x for pc free download.

What your system should have is

  • An emulator usually blue stacks
  • Windows 7,8 or 10
  • Mac book is also an option
  • Direct X

One you are fulfilling the above requirements. Then you are good to ho for the installation of telegram x desktop for windows 10.

Download Telegram X for windows 7,8,10, desktop and MAC

telegram x for windows

Below is the complete guide of how you can install the app on your PC

  • You need to download Bluestacks as discussed above
  • Visit the link for a detailed guide on how to download Bluestacks
  • Open the Bluestacks once you have installed and then configure it
  • To access or download telegram x. You need to log in you google play store via Gmail account
  • Click on my apps
  • Type telegram x in the search bar
  • Simply download the app as you do from your smartphone.
  • Once it is downloaded an icon with tag name short cut will appear on the desktop wall
  • Now you can enjoy your Telegram x

Telegram X for Windows 10 Features

Telegram X has revolutionized the trend of communication by providing extra security and built-in text editing options. As compare to its oldest version telegram. Now let’s have a closer look at the stunning features of this application.

User-friendly interface

The telegram x offers you more detailed and easy to use interface as compare to its previous version. Where you will find combined options such as in telegram there is a Call option has kept inside the messages/chat menu. Whereas both have been separated in its newest addition.

The interesting feature which telegram x has is the display. Where you can see your images without any hurdle or margin. Whereas in the telegram there were limited frames due to which the image was not as perfect as it should be.

Night mode option

Images captured in daylight are much different than in the night as sunlight has a positive impact on pictures and it enhances the beauty. Whereas in nights the image quality is not as good as in the morning. But don’t worry as telegram x got covered it for you. The night mode feature has been introduced in the latest version. In fact, the app will automatically sense and activate the night mode for you.

Exciting bubbles

Telegram x has a number of new features for its users, unlike its previous version. Here you will find bubbles mode. That offers extra space within your texts. Which will help you with the smooth adjustment of your texts while communicating?

Storage options

 The new app comes with an extra feature of storage options. which allows the user to save their chats, photos and other media as well. Just in case an individual can find all the required data without wasting any time. That was not available in telegram

Smart assistance

 You will be served with some extra gestures here in telegram x. Now you can tap the screen to your right or left side. Where you can move between chats and calls while swiping.

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