Fan Of Indian TV Shows?- Download SonyLIV For PC, Windows 10, And MAC For Free

If you are a fan of Indian TV shows and web series such as The Kapil Sharma, CID, And Much More Show but you are unable to watch them on your TV. Although, You can Download SonyLIV For PC, Windows 10, And MAC. Yes, thisĀ is one of India’s most popular apps. This app is widely used in India, and it is now available in almost every country. So, if you enjoy watching Sony TV and SAB TV shows that aren’t available in your country, bring out your smartphones and PC and download the app now.

Download SonyLIV For PC

The app is becoming extremely popular, and users now want to watch shows on their huge PC screen, Unfortunately, the app is not currently available for PC. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to Download Sony LIV for PC, Windows 10, and MAC for free. Oreo TV For PC is a new app for fans of Indian television shows. Check it out for your Computer as well.

Features Of SonyLIV For PC:

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing features of SonyLIV For Laptop that will make you want to download the app right away, Let’s Begin.

Anytime Anywhere:

This is something I appreciate about Sony LIV For Desktop. That you can watch any show at any time and from any location. Yes, wherever you are, in a car or on a break at work, simply take out your phone or laptop and open the app to watch all of your favorite shows for free. Feeling frustrated at work? Use your laptop as a TV screen during your break time and watch all of your favorite shows on this app. Download Xfinity Stream For PC for more entertainment.

Download SonyLIV For PC

Ads Free:

If you want to watch more TV shows without interruption on SonyLIV For MAC, you should subscribe for an ad-free experience. Yes, you can get any subscription you want and enjoy it without any pop-up ads. Also, if you are unable to purchase a large number of subscriptions, you will be interrupted by 3 to 4 advertisements while watching your favorite shows and which, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. You can also get this ad-free app called Cliver TV For PC.

Download SonyLIV For PC

100+ International Shows & Movies:

When the creators of Sony LIV For PC see the app’s increasing popularity and number of downloaders, they come up with a new feature. Isn’t it wonderful that they also provide you with 100+ international TV shows and movies? Yes, You can watch international shows and movies in addition to Indian shows. If you want to watch more international shows, you can also download TVMC For PC.

Download SonyLIV For PC

Live Sports:

If you prefer sports to comedy shows, SonyLIV For Windows 10 allows you to watch all of your favorite live sports on your smartphone or PC. Yes, you read that correctly. With Indian and international shows, this app also has a section for live sports. Watch live football, cricket, tennis, WWE, NBA, and other sports. Furthermore, there is a proper sports app for PC called Yahoo Sports For PC.

Download SonyLIV For PC

All Sony & SAB shows:

This is one of my favorite features of SonyLIV For Desktop, and it is one of the reasons I use it on a regular basis because you can watch all of the most popular shows of Sony and SAB TV. Yes, these two TV channels are the most watched by Indians ever. On this App, you can easily watch and enjoy all episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show, CID, Crime Petrol, Tarak Metha, and many other popular SAB and Sony TV shows. Also, if you enjoy watching more dramas and movies and are looking for a good app, we recommend that you download SPMC for Windows 10.

Download SonyLIV For PC

Download SonyLIV For PC & Windows 10 Via Bluestacks:

The app is not available for PC or Windows 10 versions, but you can download and run it on your PC using the Bluestacks android emulator. Bluestacks is one of the fastest and most popular Android emulators available. While downloading Sony LIV For Computer, we recommend using the Bluestacks Android emulator. Download and run this app on PC using this Android emulator. For this, please follow the basic steps outlined below.


  1. To begin, go to the web and type Bluestacks into the search bar.
  2. This search will take you to Bluestacks‘ official website.
  3. The download button is easily visible on the website.
  4. When you click the download button, the download will begin.
  5. The downloading process is usually completed in 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. For more information, see How to Download Bluestacks For PC.
  7. When the download is complete, open it and sign in to the Google Play Store using your Gmail account.
  8. Next, go to the Play Store and search for SonyLIV.
  9. Select the appropriate app from the list.
  10. By clicking the SonyLIV download button, you can now enjoy this app on your PC as well.

Aside from Bluestacks, you can also download SonyLIV for PC and laptop using NoxPlayer:

There is an additional method to download SonyLIV For Desktop by using NoxPlayer. Yes, NoxPlayer is a good and popular Android emulator that allows you to run any Android app for free. Follow the steps outlined below to download this emulator.


  1. Go to your web browser and type NoxPlayer into the search bar.
  2. After visiting the official NoxPlayer page, where the download button is easily visible.
  3. The downloading process will begin once you click the download button. This takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. If you have any problems downloading this emulator, please read this guide: How to Download NoxPlayer For PC.
  5. After downloading, launch it and sign in to the Google Play Store with your Gmail ID and password.
  6. Then, launch the Play Store and type SonyLIV into the search bar. To use this app on your PC, select it and click the download button.

Download SonyLIV For MAC Through iPadian:

SonyLIV For MAC is now available for download. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are an iOS user with iOS devices, don’t worry because we care about your entertainment and have a solution for you. This app can be easily downloaded using iPadian, one of the best iOS emulators. Although, let’s start the download.


  • Navigate to the web and type iPadian into the search bar.
  • Visit iPadian’s official website. Where you can find the download button.
  • Click the download button to begin the 15-minute download.
  • On our website, there is a detailed guide called How to Download iPadian.
  • After downloading, launch it and sign in with your Gmail ID and password.
  • After you’ve opened the Play Store, type SonyLIV into the search bar.
  • Choose the app, click the download button, and then enjoy it on your MAC.

Is SonyLIV For PC Download Free?

A Big Yes, SonyLIV For Laptop is available for free download. There are no hidden fees when downloading or using the application. You can get this app for free from Google Play or App Store. But first, let me clarify that if you have a problem with pop-up ads, you can purchase a subscription, but if you’re fine with them, you can use the app for free.

Is SonyLIV For Windows 10 Safe App?

I can confidently state that SonyLIV For Computer is a completely safe app for all of your devices. There is no need to be concerned about a virus, hacking, or anything of the sort with this app. Because this app does not require any personal information from you. However, use the app without any hesitation or fear on your PC and Computer.

SonyLIV For PC- Final Words:

This article contains the complete information and downloading steps for this app, and we hope that this is clear to you and that this guide will assist you in the downloading process of this app. It’s time to download SonyLIV For PC, Windows 10, And MAC For Free and enjoy all of India’s popular TV shows, as well as many other international shows and live sports.

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