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We are all facing lockdown issues at the end of 2019. Due to this reason, we are currently unable to attend meetings at the office. However, you can download KUDO For PC, Windows 10, And MAC, and use this app to easily join and create online meetings for your entire team. And, in this virus COVID era, you can safely attend the meeting from your home.


This app allows you to easily share your screen, documents, polls, and much more. You must use your valid ID and password to log in and use this app. If you have any questions during the meeting, simply raise your hand and speak or ask questions. With the download KUDO for PC, Windows 10, Laptop, and MAC, you can do a lot more in this app safely in this COVID Virus time.

Features Of KUDO For PC:

Let us now discuss the features of KUDO for PC and see what great features you will be able to use in this app for free, lets begin.

Join the meeting in many languages:

The ability to join meetings in your preferred language is a fantastic feature of KUDO for laptops. Choose a language that you are able to speak and understand, such as French, Spanish, English, or one of many others. When you join the meeting, go to the languages section and select the language of your choice, then thoroughly understand everything.


Join the meeting with just one tap:

In KUDO for Windows 10, there is no science to join or attend a meeting. You can easily join the meeting with a single tap. Simply enter the meeting ID into the app. Which was shared with you by your boss or manager on the team group, and simply join the meeting online with a single tap.


Proper event section:

There will be a separate section for events in KUDO for desktop. Where you can find information on all the¬†upcoming and past meetings. This means that you won’t be able to forget about an upcoming important meeting. Simply go to the events section and look for the next meeting that you will attend today or tomorrow.


Shared screen and request to speak:

In KUDO for computer, you can easily share your screen while presenting, share important documents, conduct polls to get equal votes from team members, and type messages in the chat option. Furthermore, there is a good option called a request to speak, which means that no one or you will ever interrupt someone else while they are speaking, simply tap the request to speak option and wait for your turn to speak.


Some FAQs About KUDO For PC:

Let us now discuss and answer some frequently asked questions about the KUDO for PC. I hope this section has answered all of your questions about this app.

What is the KUDO app for laptops?

Basically, it is an app that allows you to remotely attend and join meetings from anywhere at any time. KUDO for laptops is one of the most popular apps during the lockdown. Because this app greatly assists all companies and businesses in easily arranging and joining a safe meeting from the comfort of your own home. You can use this app to share your screen, documents, and other files for free.

Is there an account required to sign in to the KUDO for desktop?

Yes, in order to sign in to KUDO for the desktop, you must have a Gmail account. When you download and launch the app. To run this app easily, the app will first ask you to sign in with your valid Gmail ID and password. This app must require an account to be used.

How can I join the KUDO for computer meetings?

For joining or attending a KUDO computer meeting. You must have the meeting link or the session ID and password that your boss or manager distributed to all team members. Simply launch the app and enter your meeting ID and password. Next, choose the floor and language in which you want to attend or join the meeting easily.

Does KUDO for MAC support facetime during sessions?

Sure, why not? You can also do facetime in the KUDO for MAC during the session. This app also allows you to use Facetime to present any presentation or anything else easily.

Is it still necessary for me to use the Zoom app after downloading KUDO for PC?

No, after installing KUDO for PC, there is no need to use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or any other similar app. Because, this app provides you with all features for free, such as screen sharing, facetime, document sharing, polling, chatting, and many others.

KUDO for laptop is available for free download?

Yes, you can get KUDO for free on your laptop. There are no registration fees in this app, nor are there any charges for downloading it. The app can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play store or the App Store. This app allows you to join and attend meetings remotely for free.

How to download KUDO for PC on Bluestacks?

Here comes the most awaited question. You can easily download KUDO for PC using the Bluestacks emulator. Bluestacks is one of the most widely used and popular emulators. Please follow all of the steps listed below to download this emulator and the app.


1: For the download of Bluestacks, Go to the web and type Bluestacks in the search bar to visit the official site.


2: After visiting the official site, you can easily the download button. Hit that download button to start a quick download.


3: The downloading process will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes of yours. Also, there is a proper guidance available on our website titled Bluestacks for PC.

4: Once you are done with the download and all the formalities of Bluestacks. Then open it and sign in to the google play store via your valid Gmail account.


5: Now go to the google play store and write KUDO in the search bar. Choose the app from the list and click the download button.


6: Now you can enjoy and attend all the meetings remotely on your PC and Windows 10 with the download of this app.

Can I download KUDO for MAC?

Yes, the KUDO for MAC is also free to download from the App Store. This means that you can also download and use this app on a MAC. But how do you do it? with the assistance of iPadian, It is an iOS emulator that allows you to download all iOS apps and games to your MAC or other iOS devices. Please follow all of the steps for the download.

  • Go to the web, search iPadian in the search bar.
  • Then visit the official page of iPadian.
  • Click the download button, which is available on the page.
  • Here is a guide also available on iPadian for your ease, Click Here.
  • After the download opens it and signs in to the app store with a Gmail account.
  • Next, open the app store and search the KUDO app in the search bar.
  • Choose the right app from the list and click the download button.
  • Now you can enjoy the KUDO app on your MAC and other iOS devices for free.

KUDO For PC- Final Words:

We hope that all of the app’s features, FAQs, and downloading procedures have been clarified for you. This article will also assist you in the downloading process. Download this app to easily share your screen, FaceTime, documents, and much more. However, you can now download KUDO for PC, Windows 10, Laptop, and MAC for free and begin safe remote meetings from the comfort of your own home during this lockdown period, Thank You.

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