PLAYit for PC

Download PLAYit for PC – Free Install on Windows and Mac Laptop

PLAYit for PC is a high-quality two-in-one application designed as both a video or music player and a video or music downloader. In this blog post, we shared all the information…

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Anonytun for PC

How to Install Anonytun for PC and Windows 7/8/10 for Free

Anonytun for PC offers access to geo-restricted websites blocked not only by countries but website owners as well. The application allows you to avoid annoying firewalls, glitches, slow internet connection, and…

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Google Lens for PC

Google Lens for PC and Windows 10 – Free Install

Everyone gets curious about certain things while they’re out and about. But not being able to find more about that thing sometimes gets frustrating. Hence why we introduce you to…

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Thunder Surf VPN for PC

How to Free Download Thunder Surf VPN for PC and Mac Laptop

Save your online data from third-party infiltration and enjoy an enhanced browsing experience with Thunder Surf VPN for PC, Mac Laptop and Windows 7,8,10. We are sure you’ll be looking for…

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Toofan tunnel for PC

Free Download TOOFAN Tunnel for PC and Windows 10

Nowadays, as technology has advanced so has the risk of a breach in our online security.  TOOFAN Tunnel for PC works to protect your online privacy and blocks the access of malicious…

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Anime Slayer for PC

How to Download and Use Anime Slayer for PC – Mac and Windows- Free

Comic turned into literal series is every teen’s most favourite things. But Mangas specifically turned into series is really another thing. Mangas not only make longer series but each tells…

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Best life insurance companies of 2021

Top 3 Best Life Insurance Companies of 2021

It is a rare case that people would be willing to support your family or the people you leave behind after your death. Why risk worrying them when you can…

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Niu VPN for PC

Niu VPN for PC – Mac and Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download

Looking for a proxy client which is not spam and also affordable? The Niu VPN for PC is the best free and the most trustworthy proxy client available for iOS devices. But…

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YCC365 for PC

YCC365 for PC – Free Download (Mac and Windows 7/8/10)

In this blog post, you will find instruction on how to install YCC365 for PC, Mac and Windows 7/8/10 & XP. The YCC365 surveillance system monitoring application is designed and offered…

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iCamViewer for PC

How to Install iCamViewer for PC and Windows 10 – Free

If you’re concerned about your home or workplace security, then iCamViewer for PC is a perfect security camera monitoring application. Just buy yourself the best set of surveillance cameras and…

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