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If you’re one for fantasy and role-playing then BitLife for PC is surely going to become one of your favourite real-life simulator games. On BitLife, you have an avatar, his or her life, and many many choices which are for you to make whatever there consequences are. This is a fun and exciting game where you can shape the life of your chosen character till their death.

Moreover, you can also get BitLife for Windows 10 & XP. However, the game does not have a computer or laptop version yet. Therefore, you will be required to download a specific software built to allow you access to the google play store so you can easily download Android applications.

What’s so special about BitLife for PC

This is quite an interesting game designed and developed by Candywriter, LLC. You get to choose a character of your own. After choosing an avatar, you can live your life by making the right decisions in every phase. The BitLife game starts with your avatar as a baby who then slowly but rapidly grows into an infant, a young child, a teen. an adult and then into an old person who later also dies. Once your character is dead. you can either replay with the same character all over again or you can get a new avatar.

There is so much more to this game that you are yet to discover. however, we will mention only the main features here which are sure enough to drive the urge in you to install BitLife. And no sooner will you get hooked to the game.

BitLife for PC

What More does the BitLife for PC game offer

There are plenty of amazing features offered by the highly popular simulation game. You can look through the main features below.

→ The stages of Life

Once you start the BitLife game, you can choose an avatar and its gender by yourself. The avatar you choose enters the game or life as a baby. This baby then grows into a young child of ages 6,7 and so after that, it grows into a 12-year-old or so and then the avatar becomes a teen and from a teen to an adult and then to an old person. Your old avatar dies at the age of around 93 or around it.

Don’t think you’re done with the game after dying because you get plenty of chances, you can either restart the game with the same character all over again or you can get a new avatar and maybe even of a different gender.

→ Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, your character is given level bars for different purposes like happiness, health, smarts or looks. These bars change as age progresses. Your task is to maintain the bars by choosing the right best decisions for your avatars throughout their life, be it their love life, childhood days, teen years or older days.

Also, to spice things up, each decision you make has a consequence! They may be good or bad, it all depends on the choices you choose for your avatar. Get the best out of every I’ve scenario you face because not every event in your life is going to repeat. Build relationships, gain assets, make memories and more.

→ Intuitive interface

BitLife for PC comes with a user-friendly and simple interface. The game is also lag-free, unlike most simulation games. The game also works fine with all versions of Android or iOS devices.

Review of BitLife for PC

So far our experience with the BitLife game for Mac Laptop and Windows 7,8,10 has been remarkable. The game works smoothly. Moreover, it steals away plenty of gamers due to its amazing features and gameplay. It is a simple game, worth playing wherever you go.

Can We Download and Play BitLife for PC, Mac and Windows 10

Yes, you can. Although BitLife does not offer a web or PC/laptop version yet, however, you can follow the installation guide given in this blog post to install the best Android game on your computer or laptop.

Firstly, Download an Android Emulator – BlueStacks

This is a powerful simulator that helps you install Android applications and smoothly run them on your MacBook Laptop. How? The Android Emulator first allows you access to the google play store which you otherwise can not use directly on your device. Then, it allows you to install unlimited Android applications through the play store or even their APK files. The services do not end here because the emulator also helps run the apps as smoothly as possible for a good user experience.

Now, to begin with, the installation process, you can start will installing BlueStacks which is a highly popular and reliable emulator. To download BlueStacks, visit the linked guide and follow the instructions. Return to download BitLife for PC. Here is the BlueStacks official website if you want to learn more about it.

Once the emulator is installed and configured, follow the steps below.

Secondly, Install BitLife for PC and Mac Laptop

  1. On the BlueStacks search bar, type and look for the BitLife Simulator game.
  2. Following this, the emulator will navigate you to the google play store list of applications.
  3. Select the BitLife game from the list.
  4. Next, install it.
  5. Once installed, locate the game icon on the BlueStacks home page.
  6. Click on the icon to launch it and enjoy playing BitLife on a bigger screen.

BitLife for PC

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