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Arabic is one of the classic languages of Arab Countries. This beautiful language is mostly associated with the religion of Islam because most of the Muslim countries speak Arabic and the Quran was also written in Arabic.  Arabic is one of the oldest language used in different countries like in the middle ages this language was the main source of learning in Europe. That’s why not only Europe many other countries take different words from it.

Although, you will find this language more useful when you have a plan to visit Arabian countries. Because while traveling in the Arabic world you must know a few words or phrases to ask places or other use. Learning the Arabic language is not so tough because of the best online and offline English to Arabic dictionaries. If you really want to learn Arabic languages or want to remind a few sentences or phrases then here is the list of best English to Arabic dictionary apps for android.

5 Best English to Arabic Dictionary Apps for Android

best english to arabic dictioanary apps for android

  1. English Arabic Dictionary
  2. Arabic Dictionary and Translator
  3. Arabic Dictionary
  4. All Language Translator Free
  5. Reverso Translate and Learn

English Arabic Dictionary:

download English Arabic Dictionary for Android


  • Easy to use
  • Free of Cost
  • Auto-suggestion
  • Use offline
  • English to Arabic & Arabic to English
  • Support backup and restore
  • Share content on any app for free.

This is amazingly easy to use English to Arabic dictionary which let you learn Arabic more easily. On this app, you can search both Arabic and English words because it’s available in Arabic to English and English to Arabic as well. This app support so many useful features like you can search words directly from the internet browser or other installed applications by using its sharing option.

This app also offered auto-suggestion features that save time and don’t need to write a full sentence. If you don’t want to write then use its voice search features and speak whatever you want to translate. You can find not only required words meaning but also can get synonyms and share them on any app for free. Overall great app for learning Arabic and English with ease. Download English Arabic Dictionary from here.

Arabic Dictionary and Translator

download arabic dictionary and translator for android


  • Translate Arabic to English & English to Arabic
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Use offline
  • Fast to use
  • Smart word suggestion
  • Pronounce Words
  • Translate words/sentences direct in the browser.

It is another great app for learning Arabic. If you are new with the Arabic language and want to learn every word of the Arabic language then this app is not a bad option for you. This app lets you translate all Arabic sentences in English and translate English sentences in the Arabic language. Furthermore, for leaning your favorite language you don’t need an internet connection, you can use this app any time at any place without connection for free.

This app work fast and easy to use because it offered so many useful features for its users. Like this app has smart word suggestion and let you text directly in the web browser and other apps. They also provide you best text pronunciation and picture dictionaries as well. Once you are able to download Arabic Dictionary and Translator direct from Play Store, you can get all features in on a single platform. Arabic Dictionary

download arabic dictionary for android


  • Learn the Arabic language
  • Easy to use
  • Use offline
  • Free of cost
  • Contains summarized results is also a very useful Arabic dictionary which is a simple design and easy to use for all users. This app contains data from various sources and Arabic dictionaries and provides you all on a single platform. It helps you to understand the meaning of words from its origin. It is one of the best and very useful apps for all Arabic Languages learner. Download  for android from here.

All Language Translator Free

download All Language Translator Free


  • Simple user interface
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Support multiple languages
  • Share content on social media
  • Translate all languages with meaning and definition
  • Translate any content fastly
  • Free of cost

All Language Translator is a great application for learning any of your favorite languages like Arabic, English, Chines, etc. This app support multiple useful features that help you to translate any content with ease. On this app, you not only get your word meaning but also provide you all words meaning with a complete definition. This app is very useful for tourists and travelers because all languages are available in a single place.

You can download this app direct from Play Store and travel and enjoy your tours worldwide.  This app solve your all communication problem and let you speak with any stranger with ease. Overall a great app for learning your favorite language with ease. Download All Language Translator Free from here.

Reverso Translate and Learn

download Reverso Translate and Learn for android


  • Search by speaking
  • Easy to use
  • Share searched content via email
  • Pronounce complete example sentence with a native accent
  • Support multiple games for learning new vocabulary
  • Pronounce all search content
  • Available for free and Paid version

Reverso is one of the highest quality language learning apps which provide you all the imported tools which you are looking for. This app will definitely improve your language skill and let you learn any of your favorite languages by playing different games. This is the best app for beginners and experts because it helps everyone to enrich their vocabulary and read, write, or speak with more confidence now with Reverso.

It is all in one app for those who love to learn different languages with ease. This app supports multiple languages and lets you improve your language skills constantly. Download Reverso Translate and Learn from here and learn about all features for free.

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